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  1. 6,3 of 10 star
  2. creators=Josh Oreck
  3. 40 Votes
  4. Directed by=Josh Oreck
  5. countries=USA
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— Christian Theede
rating - 149 Vote
creator - Dieter Bongartz
summary - Poor but confident and resourceful tailor David trusts, after killing seven flies in one swat, he's a match for any challenge and sets out to prove himself in the wide world. After luck and cunning help him deal with giant Lothar, he arrives at the castle of petty king Ernst, who is ruled by constant migraine and his ambitious, manipulative court counselor Klaus, who desires to succeed by winning brat princess Paula's hand and claims to be the only savior who can rid the land of three supernatural dangers. David's costume-embroidered motto 'seven at once' however is misread as a warrior's tally, and he eagerly accepts to win the princess, who teases but likes him, and half the country by dealing with the giant brothers, then both other dangers, and having triumphed each time Klaus's last attempt to deal with his commoner rival
Average ratings - 6,7 / 10
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